Making A Will


It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time home owner or you are someone that is getting their affairs in order or you are planning for your children’s future, we can help you with your will.

Why Will is important?

A will is a legal document that makes sure that when you die, assets like your home, investments, savings and belongings will go to the right people according to your wishes. If you don’t have a will, your assets might not go to the right people.


If you don’t have a will the following things will happen:

  • There might be fights and disputes over your assets and your beneficiaries may not receive anything. 
  •  For those that are not married, your common-law partner may not receive anything.
  • Your spouse may not inherit your assets automatically.
  • Your children that are below the age of 18 will be taken into care before the selection of guardians.

It is best that you make a will as early as possible. It is not something that should be procrastinated.

If you don’t have a will, some of your inheritance will be left to the government or the wrong person.

How much does a will cost?

We make use of a third-party partner to handle our Will writing service. The cost of making the basic Will shall be covered by us. Our partner has experts that will help you tidy your affairs without involving a solicitor.

Our partner will also recommend and guide you through the process of additional legal products like Trusts or Lasting Power of Attorney.